15 April 2021


Bibi and Ina, sticky spit spoon feed, its thick!!!

BiBi and Ina spit in the funel and finish up by a godly spit glass, its simply imposible to swalow!!!

Tatina, Sun-shine, Ticha and Bibi, filling up a good spit glass, comming from these 4 you know its intense!!

Chealsea just smoked a mgical cigarette...so she add no spit or alomost none sadly!!

Ivana is foggin and hocking, spitting on the face she is controling!!!!


01 April 2021

did a specil this week 6 clips, cause I wanted to clear Ina's spit nightmare in a complete update!!!

Chanelle (ticha's niece) fortime spit face drenching!!

Caro is simply amazing playing with her spit, and swalowing it all!!!

15 March 2021

all girls where on a spitting rampage for the last time!!

Sun-Shine spit, smoke funnel torture!!

Ticha smoke, spit domination!!

Smoke BomB amy goes all out for many spit bombs, and when she has enough she goes and rub it all hard into the slaves brain!!



01 March 2021

3 part serie with the girls and a poor loser, musy be seen!!!

Caro, smoke bomb amy and mel, all gathering a epic spit container!!

Total smoke/spit abuse on poor caro!!!


15 February 2021

Ticha and sun-Shine featured in this 3 part series clips, spit, smoke  humiliation!!!

Caro pluggin up the spit slaves nose with her tongue, nose licking and spit plugging!!

Audrey smoking up is life while preparing a chocolat spit mix and spoon feed him!!!

01 February 2021


Ticha getting a nice full face of spit with BiBi she add the time of her life ;)

Ticha spit feeding the loser in a spoon!!

Mel and a random girl POV you good in the face down below!!

Smoke BomB is smoking and spitting into the losers mouth and face!!!


15 January 2021


Loser lost a bet now he gets to be spat on hard part-2 and 3!!!

godly looking Tanya spitting on the table and playing with it!!!

Incredible spit fight caro VS Mel it was intense!!!!

Chenlle very first spit face drenching on the loser!!


01 January 2021


Sarah and MiMi going all out, filling up a BIG spit glass!!

part-1 Sarah spit face drenching him from basck side angle!!

Crazy girl stuck outside, she wants to get in the car, but camt, going crazy spitting like mad on the car window!!

BiBi and chanelle total spit domination!!

Loser lost a bet now he gets to be spat on hard part-1

15 Decembre 2020


Chanelle and BiBi both have there POV clips!!!

The Big final with all 4 girls spit drench to the wall!!!

and the big final of all 4 girls spit smoked hard in the bed!!!

01 Decembre 2020


Smoke BomB Amy controling her spit target, for some spit fun!!

Jess and Audrey got the loser on the torture wall, for a nice spitting onslaught!!

Teams of 2 Bibi and chanelle then Veeka and Choi each got there segment in filling up aVERY nice and Gooey spit glass!!

Part-1 of spit smoked hard on the bad with Chanelle and Veeka!!

15 Nov 2020


Sun-shine and Sophie both have there POV segment just for you!!!

Caro spit nightmare part-2 and 3!!

Spit smoke serious degradation part-3 and 4 (final)!!

 01 Nov 2020


Sun-shine and Sophie both have there POV segment just for you!!!

Chanelle, BiBi and Sun-shine are mustering up a VERY goowy spit glass!!

Spit smoke serious degradation part-1 and 2!!

Incredible POV with Mel and Audrey!!

Caro spit nightmare part-1!!!

15 October 2020


Sun-shine and Sophie both have there POV segment just for you!!!

Then Sun-shine and sophie on a smoking and spitting rampage, poor guy!!

Dania and audrey spitting on the table then rubbing the losers face right in it!!

Cinthia and Jess the brat spit face drenching spree!!

01 October 2020


Bibi and chanelle spit, smoke degradation part-1 and 2!!!

Random girl POV donw on you not strong but ok!!

Sexy Melanie spit drolling!!

Smoke BomB Amy finish off the loser with her spit glass mix!!

15 September 2020


Veeka and her friend are spit, smoke gang up on him, while he was saren wrap and totaly at there mercy, wicked fun 2 part serie!!

Veeka's friend going for some POV in your face solo!!

Smoke BomB Amy gathering a nice spit shooter, then makes sure to create a wonderful spit mix that no one can resits, it came with all of her hearth!!!

01 September 2020


Last part of the P.O.V with Sun-shine and her friend at the same time!!

Sophie and Sun-shine total smoke/spit control!!!

Caro love to play with her spit in her mouth and swalow it, its a must see!!

Ivana in a power spitting mod over the loser!!

 15 August 2020


Funal spit devastation part-2 and 3!!

spit face drench and smoked last part, smoked and spit hard core!!

2x P.O.V clip featuring Cinthia and her friend!!

01 August 2020

A drolling Smoke Bomb Amy!!!

Funal spit devastation part-1 featuring Audrey and Jess

Spit glass production from the total spit face drench and smoked serie!!!

Spit and smoke face down on him part-1 and 2

15 July 2020

3 part Serie with Sun-shine, Tatiana and a friend, total spit face drench and smoked!!

Cinthia and Verotix are on the go finishing up the spit plate!

In the last part of this incredible series, The girls are ready to force drink the slave all of there spit via a tube, pure evil!!!

01 July 2020

P.O.V fiesta 3 clips featuring Vekka and her friend!!!

Caro heavy spit play in the mirror, real intense!!

Cinthia and Verotix, are justring up some serious spit for up comming suprise!!!


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